Increased competition is a challenge for businesses in nearly every industry. In manufacturing, 40 percent of industrial marketers cite increased competition as their biggest marketing challenge. So how do manufacturers stand out from the competition? Take a look at the example scenario below to see how one manufacturing company engaged new customers and encouraged customer loyalty with ClickDimensions.

Prairieland, a leading landscaping equipment manufacturer, wanted to improve their customer engagement in one of their target markets where the company faces tough competition – golf courses.

Using the ClickDimensions campaign automation builder, the Prairieland team created an automated onboarding campaign to initially thank customers for their purchase and later remind them to schedule preventative maintenance for their new equipment.

The campaign automation includes several emails, all made with the ClickDimensions drag and drop email editor. This easy-to-use tool also allows for personalization – created via FreeMarker in ClickDimensions — which Prairieland used to add the customer’s name, their equipment type and the location of their nearest service center for a customized email experience.

Using ClickDimensions, Prairieland was able to easily create the landing page and form used in the service scheduling process – no coding required!

Prairieland also wanted to gauge their customers’ opinions on their new equipment and service appointment experiences, so they used ClickDimensions to easily create and send a survey. When a respondent completes the survey, all their responses are linked to their CRM record.

In addition to their onboarding campaign, Prairieland also wanted to increase customer stickiness by showcasing other equipment options that might be of interest to golf course landscaping professionals. With ClickDimensions, there’s no limit to the campaign automations the company can create for cross-selling, new customer onboarding, lead nurturing and more.

ClickDimensions also features a wide variety of other tools that can be incorporated into customer onboarding and cross-selling campaigns – or any other marketing efforts! – including SMS messaging, web intelligence, event management and social media marketing.

Happy Marketing!