Recently I needed to get a list of all leads and contacts that had submitted a web form on our site and responded with a specific response in one of the fields. I had to think about the query a bit so I decided to share it here. You can see it in the screen shot below. I am querying a list of all open leads that have answered our ‘estimated number of emails’ question with the value of 60 – 180,000 emails. What threw me about this query was that I didn’t remember that CRM’s Advanced Find allows you to query two levels deep. In other words, I was looking for lead records that have a posted form record linked to them with a posted field record linked to the posted form record. It is an easy query to build and very effective at pinpointing a particular slice of data when you need it.

Similarly, below I have built a query to return a list of open leads that answered ‘February’ to the ‘newsletters’ question.

The query above can be refined to return only responses to the ‘newsletter’ question on the survey titled ‘Past Newsletters’. Because ClickDimensions survey questions are reusable you could have one question on multiple surveys and, in this case, you might want a list of the people that responded to that question on a specific survey instead of on all surveys.