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Refreshing Your Content Marketing Strategy

Spring has sprung in many parts of the world, and brings with it warmer weather, blooming flowers and – love it or hate it – the need for spring cleaning. While you’re ridding your house of dust bunnies and cleaning out all those closets, don’t forget to spruce up your content marketing strategy too. Now is a great time to take a second look at your approach to content marketing so you can enjoy greater success with your content efforts. Here are four tips:

1. Audit your content. You may have a pretty good mental list of your content, but if you haven’t already, take the time to document all your content assets. The process of listing all your content out in one place can help you see what topics you have covered well and where gaps may exist. Once you have everything documented, analyze each piece and make note of how successful each content asset has been. How many downloads or views did it get? How many leads did it earn you? How many of those leads converted to customers?

Having all this information in one place will help you more easily and concretely see what’s working, what’s not and what’s missing, so you can create more effective content moving forward. If a particular piece isn’t performing well, consider what can be done to make it more effective, whether that’s updated information, a different format or different timing.

2. Create a calendar. Content calendars are an essential tool for content marketing because they help content creators stay focused and help ensure that your team is checking all your content marketing boxes. Are you producing a good variety of content? Does your content correspond with other happenings in your company, like a new product or service release? Are you creating cohesive campaigns? Do you have your content mapped out for the entire year?

These are all questions that a content calendar can help you answer. We have a blog post that talks about the process of creating a content calendar along with a template that you can download here. And if you already have a content calendar in place, keep in mind that it’s a good idea to regularly revisit and, if needed, revise your content calendar. Small tweaks to your content planning can have a big impact on results.

3. Focus on distribution. Similar to the old saying about the tree falling in the forest, if a great piece of content is created, but no one is there to read or watch it, will it make an impact? Today, content of all kinds abounds, often making it harder for people to find your content. Switch up your content strategy by focusing heavily on distribution and try tapping new methods of promotion. For example, if you currently post your eBooks to Facebook, try boosting those posts too.

By maximizing your distribution channels, you not only maximize your reach, but you can also more effectively determine whether a content asset was underperforming due to the topic or format or whether it just wasn’t getting the exposure it needed.

4. Tap other voices. In many organizations, ClickDimensions among them, company blog posts are written by a variety of the company’s subject matter experts. If that’s not already the case in your company, try diversifying your pool of blog contributors to include several different departments, which will give you new perspectives and expertise. While blogs lend themselves well to this contributor structure, also think about other types of content where you could add new voices. For example, you might create a video series where you interview people throughout your organization or feature tips from various company experts in an eBook. Also, don’t forget to call upon people outside of your organization for things like guest blogging or partnering on content like a survey or white paper.

Happy Marketing!

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