Have you ever needed to remove a marketing list from a subscription list, but couldn’t find a way to do it? It could be that the necessary field is hidden from your entity form. Adding this field back to your marketing list form makes changing your subscription list associations quick and easy.

Think of your marketing list as a container for a group of people you want to email, and your subscription list as a topic. Since a marketing list can only be appended to a single subscription list, it’s possible you may want to shift your group of recipients to a different topic. For instance, if you have a subscription list for your organization’s annual national conference, you may have five marketing lists appended to it – separate lists for Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia contacts.

National conference

In the past, you invited everyone to the same conference and sent them emails about that event. But this year, you’re going to have two conferences – a Mid-Atlantic conference and a southeastern conference. If you rename your National Conference subscription list to Southeastern Conference, then you don’t need to move three of your marketing lists. Since you plan on making a Mid-Atlantic Conference subscription list as well, you will need to break the association between your other two marketing lists and the original subscription list. This will let you associate your Maryland and Virginia marketing lists with your new Mid-Atlantic subscription list.

If you don’t see the subscription list look up field on your marketing list entity form, read on. If you already have this field visible on the form, skip down to step number five below.

Missing Field

Using the Delete Marketing List button from the subscription list related records menu will not break the relationship between the two records. It will delete your marketing list entirely, and you will have to rebuild it from scratch. Save yourself some work and use this six-step method instead.

Delete marketing list

1. The first step in this process will be opening the form editor for the CRM marketing list entity. You can do this from your CRM settings or you can access the form editor from any marketing list record, as we are doing in this example. All you need to do is open the record and click the ellipses menu.

Step one

2. Use the drop-down menu to select the form editor. This will open the form editor for the marketing list entity as a whole, not just this individual record, so your changes will be applied to every marketing list record.

Step two

3. Next, find the subscription list field in the field explorer menu on the right. Drag it onto the canvas.

Step three

4. Be sure to save and publish your changes in order to apply them.

Step four

5. Now, when you go back to your marketing list record, a look up field will appear that displays the subscription list to which your marketing list is related.

Step five

6. If you open the look up view, you can remove the subscription list.

Step six

Once the association has been removed, you can append your existing marketing list to another subscription list.

Mid-Atlantic Conference

Happy Marketing!