With the ClickDimensions score script, you can overwrite the score settings of your web pages by placing it in the footer of your page’s code. You can do this any number of times to as many of your web pages as you desire. You can also add this script to your forms if you place them as stand-alone landing pages.

To apply the script, simply add the three lines of script above to the pages you would like to override and set the value of cdScore to whatever you want the score for the page to be. Note that the score value can be negative by adding the “–“ symbol directly before the score value.

Typically, ClickDimensions customers will have score settings set to increase the lead score by a certain amount. The amounts can vary for landing on a page or from form submissions such as contact forms, opt-ins, etc. Web pages that venture outside of this scoring are unique web pages that do not contribute to a product or service, and in turn, do not add value to a customer as a lead—such as visiting a career opportunities page for a job.

For unique web pages, sometimes marketers will also create forms that, once filled out and submitted, won’t add to a lead’s score like filling out the “new hire” questionnaire shown below. The individual filling out this form clearly has no interest in a product or service and more than likely will lose a lead score for landing on this page or submitting this form.


For situations like this, adding additional score scripts to multiple, unique forms and landing pages is simpler than re-adjusting your score setting every time one of these pieces of unique content is created, inflating all of your results. Place a score script on each of your forms to keep a good grasp on your customer interest in your business!

Happy Marketing!