It has been about a week since we released our GoToWebinar integration and already we are seeing amazing benefits inside our company. Now all our sales team can see who is signing up for our webinars and who is actually attending. Below is a view of registrations for a webinar taken just before the webinar was actually held. Note that everyone is listed as ‘Registered’ and there are no values in the ‘In Session Duration’ fields. We can see we had 9 people registered and we can also see the information they supplied on the registration form…

Once the webinar was finished, we were able to refresh the same dashboard view and see which of the 9 people actually attended and how long they actually stayed in the webinar….

This shows us that only 3 of the 9 showed up and only dropped out early. Those aren’t the results we hoped to see but it is great that our sales team can now see this without having to wait for someone in marketing to send a summary report. Better yet, the sales team is now checking this dashboard regularly so they can follow up with prospects that attended or missed the webinar. Here we can also see the questions these prospects asked during the webinar.

Another useful chart we added to our dashboard is below. It shows us the number of registrants, by class, for our ClickDimensions Academy training classes for the current week. If you have read the overview of our GoToWebinar integration, you know that it is a ‘set it and forget it’ integration that requires absolutely no maintenance. Once you have connected your GoToWebinar account to Microsoft CRM all webinar event and registration data automagically begins to appear in your CRM. No drama man! For more on our GoToWebinar integration, click here.

One more… This shows registrants this year for our weekly product webinar.

An overall screen shot of our GoToWebinar dashboard. Here we see the current and next week’s product webinar registrants (top row), current registrant count for a special webinar we are doing at four different times, this week’s ClickDimensions Academy signs ups and the counts of weekly product webinar registrants by week.