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Seeing Which Customers Have Taken Advantage of our Training

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At ClickDimensions, all of our customers and partners have unlimited access to our training classes, ClickDimensions Academy. We deliver all of this training via GoToWebinar, which means we can take advantage of our awesome GoToWebinar integration.

We also like to periodically check-in to see if our customers are taking advantage of our training. This helps us to know how engaged they are with our company and product, as well as if we should extend a new invitation to them to join our training. We also like to see who at a company has participated in training.

Who has participated in training at a customer company?

ClickDimensions GoToWebinar integration creates “Event Participation” records in CRM when someone registers for an event like our training. They’re automatically linked to the Contact:


After the webinar, the Event Participation record is updated to show whether the individual attended or not, and for how long:


This is great if you are looking at individual Contacts and want to see their training or attendance, but we like to also look at things from the Account level in CRM. Unfortunately, CRM has a limitation where custom entities, like the Event Participation record, do not “roll up” to the Account Level. So to overcome this, we have a workflow that creates a new Connection record whenever someone has attended one of our Academy trainings:


We show the Connections on the Account form so we can see at a glance who has been trained:


We also want to see this information in aggregate, so we can quickly identify customers who could benefit from some more training.

We created another workflow rule that increments a score in a custom field on the account that we call “Relative Training Level”:


With all of this done, we can now work with views and charts to make it easy to see who is being trained, and who isn’t:

This view of active Customers shows the top 50 Training Scores. It’s easy to see that some customers have done lots of training:


And here’s how we find out who hasn’t gotten trained. An Advanced Find for Customers whose Relative Training Score is less than or equal to 20. These folks should be invited to our ClickDimensions Academy!



Happy Training!

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