When someone visits your website, there are several records written back to your Dynamics environment, if you have the ClickDimensions tracking script embedded. One of those records is the IP organization record – the organization that is associated with the IP address your visitors are using when visiting your website. Often, this information is populated with the visitor’s internet provider. By implementing a simple workflow, we can change this record to correlate with your visitor’s parent account information, allowing us to get a complete picture of who is visiting your website.

Note: This blog post utilizes native Dynamics functionality and may require assistance from your CRM admin or partner. In addition, this workflow will only work if your website visitor has been identified.

When creating the workflow, I recommend setting this as either a scheduled job or as an on-demand process. Depending on traffic across your site, there may be a large volume of visit records being created in your environment, so running the workflow on record creation might be very resource intensive. Be sure to check with your CRM admin on the best option for you, but depending on how you are going to use this workflow, your settings may differ.

Next, we are going to set up the criteria to check before making the update:

Because we can only update the IP organization record with information from the visitor’s parent account, we must first check if there is a related lead or contact record. If the visit has a related lead or contact, we will need to ensure it has data in the Company Name field. Then, we can then update IP organization record with the parent account information.

The completed workflow will look like this:

Once the workflow is implemented, we are now able to see all visits from a specific account, keeping your data organized. For example, if we look at all my visits prior to implementing the workflow, they would display like this:

After I have executed the workflow, I am now able to see my contact’s parent account information:

Happy Marketing!