Sixty percent of high school seniors are more likely to consider higher education institutions that use digital communications, according to a Ruffalo Noel Levitz survey. For higher education institutions, that stat and other similar findings about the communications preferences of incoming students is necessitating changes in the student recruitment process. Below is an example scenario of how one college revamped and modernized their recruitment process with ClickDimensions.

Walker College signed on with ClickDimensions because, as a solution that is natively built inside Microsoft Dynamics 365, it allowed their student recruitment team to easily and accurately target prospective students while seeing all of the information about an individual prospect in one place.

Using the ClickDimensions campaign automation builder, Walker College created an automated recruitment campaign aimed at students who had expressed interest in the school at a recent series of college fairs. The campaign automation allows the college to nurture prospective students over time, with messages scheduled at specific intervals to ensure the school stays top of mind during the decision process.

The campaign automation includes several recruitment messages, all built with the ClickDimensions drag and drop email editor. This easy-to-use tool also allows for personalization, which the Walker College team used to add each prospective student’s name and the college fair event they attended for a customized email experience.

Within the automation, email recipients are invited to download the college’s catalog. Using ClickDimensions, Walker College was able to create the landing page and form used for this download – no coding required!

As part of the recruitment campaign, students are invited to visit the campus for a group tour. Following the tour, Walker College wanted to gauge the attendees’ opinions on the event, so they used ClickDimensions to easily create and send a survey. When a respondent completes the survey, all of their responses are linked to their CRM record.

With ClickDimensions’ web intelligence, the team at Walker College is able to see – right within a CRM record – every page a prospective student within the campaign has viewed on the college’s website, helping them to more effectively target these individuals and better understand the journey from recruitment to enrollment.

In addition to campaign automation, email marketing, landing pages, forms, surveys and web intelligence, ClickDimensions gives colleges and universities a wide variety of tools that can be incorporated into student recruitment campaigns – or any other marketing efforts! – including SMS messaging, event management and reporting.

Happy Marketing!