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Subscribe to Status Alerts for ClickDimensions Service

In an effort to better communicate with our partners and customers in the event of planned or unplanned service disruptions, ClickDimensions technical support staff will be posting technical notices on the Announcements forum on our support site. You can subscribe to this forum to receive an email automatically when new announcements are posted.

To subscribe to technical announcements, go to http://support.clickdimensions.com and login. (If you do not have a login for our technical support site already, it’s easy to register from that page.) Then, click on “Forums” on the top menu, and click on the “Announcements” forum. There you’ll find a “Subscribe” button on the top right of the Announcements forum:



Also, bookmark our service status page: http://trust.clickdimensions.com where you can see up-to-the-minute stats on service availability and response times.

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Matt Wittemann is a 13-time Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP and ClickDimensions' Senior Director, Pre-Sales Consulting.

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