Are you using the quick send email feature in ClickDimensions? If not, you should be! Quick sends help you save time and infuse some personalization in follow-up emails or similar emails that are sent on a consistent basis. Sent from contact, lead or opportunity records, these emails are perfect to use as a follow up to a sales call or to quickly deliver training or support communications.

Note: Sending quick send emails on opportunity records is only available for ClickDimensions users on version 8.2.0 or newer with CRM 2013+. Click here to read more.

To get the most out of this ClickDimensions feature, here are three ways to kick your quick send approach up a notch:

1. Naming conventions – Quick send emails will only allow you to pick from email templates that are specifically marked as quick send emails. And as the name implies, quick sends are designed to save time. Having a naming convention in place for these templates will increase efficiency even more and help users find the right template to send even quicker. Some templates might be designated for sales development representatives while others are made for training specialists. This will also make reporting easier, since email template names can be used as criteria for making personal views.

Quick send naming

2. Personalization – All ClickDimensions email template editors are capable of supporting FreeMarker code, which dynamically inserts values from the lead, contact, account, owner and email send record values. FreeMarker can be very effective in bulk email sends, but in a quick send email, it can be especially impactful. Key details such as budget amounts, deadlines, discussion points, contact information and other specific data can be automatically inserted into the recipient’s email. This saves valuable time and ensures record-keeping standards are in top shape!


3. Customizable reporting – See the data from quick send emails quickly and easily by creating CRM personal views, dashboards or running queries. Using data brought in from ClickDimensions with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM functionality will allow you to see the statistics we deliver in a way that makes sense for your sales and marketing metrics. You can customize your reporting with bulk email sends and other email sends (i.e. campaign automation emails), but this is especially useful with quick sends. Making sense of this data will give your sales development and marketing efforts a calculated advantage and will identify opportunities for improvement.

Sdr quick sends

This is an example of a personal view created in our test environment to show our sent email sends from our sales development representatives. Other criteria could include date ranges or more columns to show other information about the email send. For this example, we added columns to show clicks, deliveries, opens, owner and campaign.

Sdr quick send 2

To conclude, quick send is a powerful feature of ClickDimensions that is designed to save you and your users time while also maintaining accuracy as you develop prospects and close deals. All ClickDimensions emails are tracked, including individual quick send emails. Try making some quick send templates and integrating them into your sales and marketing automation processes!

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