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Targeting an Account’s Primary Contact through Campaign Automation

Targeting the designated point of contact for your customers is often the most efficient way to engage with them. Here’s an easy way to find those contacts in your CRM environment and nurture them through a ClickDimensions campaign automation. This method will use an advanced find to locate these records, add them to a marketing list and then leverage that marketing list as an entry point for a campaign automation.

First, start with an advanced find. Look for: Contacts, then select Accounts (Primary Contact), then select the Primary Contact field and set the criteria to be Contains Data. Save this view for your Contacts by Account.

Once you have saved the view, click Results. This will display a list of contacts that you will be able to add to a marketing list. Select all the records by clicking the check mark at the top of the column.

Then select Add to Marketing List.

If you have not already created a static marketing list, you can select the New button on the bottom left.

A new Marketing List record will pop up. You can name the new list to your preference, but make sure that static is selected for List Type and the target is set to Contact.

Close out of the pop-up window and now your newly created marketing list will show among your choices to select in the Look Up Record window. Click the Add button, and a message will prompt you to confirm that you want to add those contacts to that particular marketing list.

Now, you have a marketing list composed of primary contacts for your accounts. You can now use this marketing list as an entry point to launch a campaign automation.

Adding the primary contacts to a marketing list and using a campaign automation can be useful for nurturing yearly renewals or launching loyalty campaigns. Let’s review the example for annual renewals.

The campaign automation can be set up to send a renewal reminder and create follow-up actions for the owning user, depending on whether the primary contact interacted with the email. The automation above is configured to notify the owning user if someone is actively engaged and ready to process their renewal. If the recipient takes no action with the reminder email, it will create a task activity for the owning user to confirm that the primary contact is still with the organization. The different paths within the campaign automation can be tailored for your needs. Nurturing the primary contact on the account can help increase customer loyalty and help you gather more data about your accounts.

For additional ways to email an account’s primary contact check out this blog post.

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