For organizations around the globe, 2020 has been the year to embrace the digital everything mindset. Now more than ever, it is important to capitalize on your social media initiatives in the absence of marketing opportunities like in-person events or to take advantage of the fact that people are simply spending more time online. If you’re seeking new ways to utilize social media during this time, we’ve gathered some good-to-know news and resources to elevate your social media efforts and help you achieve your overall marketing goals.

1. Instagram pinned comments. Users can now pin up to three comments on their Instagram posts. By pinning comments, they will appear as the first comments to be seen by all users. This feature helps businesses to moderate the overall tone and conversation in their comments thread. This feature can be handy in a variety of instances, especially if a post generates lots of comments. For example, if you post exciting news about a new product launch, you can pin the three comments that best represent the tone in conversations you would like others to engage with. This will also prevent undesirable comments from appearing at the very top of the comments thread. To use this feature, simply swipe left on the comment(s) you’d like to pin and select the pin icon. The commenter will then be notified that their comment has been pinned.

2. Facebook offers free tips and content calendar template. Do you need tips for revamping your content calendar or are you starting from scratch? Facebook for Business has provided a resource that may help. In their learning resources, two courses are offered called The Importance of a Content Calendar and Create a Content Calendar for Your Business where you can get an overview on creating a concise calendar catered to your marketing goals. The lessons are short but comprehensive, perfect for anyone who is starting out or looking for ways to stay more organized in their planning. At the end of the second course, you will also find a PDF content calendar template and you can access it here as well.

3. 2020 Twitter marketing calendar. Twitter remained true to their tagline, “See What’s Happening” when they released a 2020 Twitter marketing calendar of events, as the world continues with a virtual everything agenda. Despite cancelled in-person events worldwide, Twitter provides a calendar to inspire businesses to Tweet and create campaigns around events and holidays happening in 2020. To accommodate the global crisis, they provide four calendars to reflect different regions of the world. Each calendar is in a month view and lists events by day. Listed at the bottom of each month are details such as event lengths, a color coordination key to distinguish the category of events and even “Tweet inspiration,” or recommendations and inspiration on how to approach certain events in your posts.

4. Tweet prompts for a whole month. Are you running out of ideas on what your brand should Tweet about or perhaps you’re unsure how your audience best engages with your brand on Twitter? In case you missed it in April with everything else going on, Twitter Business shared a listing of 20 Tweet prompts to stir up some inspiration. They offer a plethora of ideas to spark diversity in your content. Twitter advises businesses users to pay attention throughout the month to the Tweets that get the most engagement in order to track what your audience engages with most. You can access the prompts and explanations for each prompt here.

5. Infographic on top social media and messaging platforms. In July, Statista shared an infographic on the most used social media and messaging platforms based on the numbers of users on each platform. It appears that the infographic encourages the mantra, “Go where the customer is” in order to fuel your business growth in 2020. The infographic indicates that Facebook, owning four of the largest social media and messaging services, is dominating the social media landscape. It’s an interesting look at where users are on social media and messaging services today.

Happy Marketing!