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The Secret to Using Surveys in an Email

After making a purchase, attending an event or having another interaction with a business, you may have received follow-up emails asking you to rate your experience by clicking on a button or image in the body of the email. While this might seem like a survey, most email clients don’t support forms or iFrames that are embedded into emails. So what’s the trick to making this quick survey work? The ClickDimensions Image Map editor. Read on to see how you can quickly and easily poll your customers after an interaction.

First, you’ll want to create two landing pages – one for positive feedback and one for negative feedback. Here is our version for positive feedback:

And below is our negative feedback page. In this example, we also included an anonymous survey (notice that there’s no email component) to embed on the negative feedback page, so people can leave a comment about their experience.

Once you have the URLs for your landing pages (you can pull these from the Embed as Link area in the ClickDimensions landing page builder), you’ll want to move on to building your email template. If your sales, training or customer service team will be sending these messages out individually, another idea would be to make this template available as a quick send in ClickDimensions, so the process of emailing these individuals is even easier for your colleagues.

The ClickDimensions Block and Freestyle email editors have access to the Image Map editor. If you prefer to use the Drag and Drop editor, then you can build your template there and clone it to Freestyle editor to take advantage of the Image Map editor, as we did in this example.

Remember, one of the nice things about the Image Map editor is that you aren’t limited to a single graphic in your image. You could use thumbs up/down, smiley/frowny faces or even five stars. Once you’ve mapped your links to the respective areas of your image, you’re ready to send.

After sending your email, you can create an Email Events view to display the results of your survey. Just query for Email Events whose Type equals Click and the Link equals [positive landing page URL] and [negative landing page URL]. Then, you can either export this data to Excel or create a chart to easily analyze how people felt about their interaction. You can also create a dashboard to show this information, as well as the feedback from your comment box. Additionally, you can use the Email Event records to create a marketing list of anyone who had a negative experience that you would like to reach out to again.

Happy Marketing!

About the Author:

Suzannah Thompson is a Lead Product Consultant at ClickDimensions.

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