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Tips and Tricks for Using Emojis in Your Email Marketing

Emojis are now ubiquitous in everyday communications, and email marketers have been hopping on board since the emoji exploded in the early 2010s. And for good reason. According to some studies, using emojis in subject lines can even increase your unique open rate.

That said, there are some important things to keep in mind when using emojis in your ClickDimensions email sends. First, always remember that all email clients have their own rules for rendering content, so emojis may appear differently from platform to platform—though the central idea of the emoji should stay the same. For example, take a look at how Apple renders an apple compared to Google, compared to Microsoft.

Source: Emojipedia

Additionally, if an email client does not support emojis (these days, most of them do—more on that later), it may show up as a character. As with anything, it’s always better to test your email send first!

Emoji Dos

Whether you’re a marketer swept up in emoji fever or just want to boost your brand’s visibility, here are some best practices to consider when utilizing emojis in your emails.

  • Use emojis in subject lines. Again, some studies indicate that this can increase your open rate when done properly. While you can use emojis in the body of the email if it’s appropriate, using emojis in subject lines may have more of an overall impact.
  • Some marketers recommend finding an emoji that represents your brand and using it in every email send. This can give your email communications a cohesive feel, create an instantly recognizable brand identity and help your emails stand out in an inbox crowded with emails from other brands.
  • Test your email sends across multiple email clients—and devices. Don’t forget that a substantial portion of emails are read on mobile devices, where the screens are much smaller. If you’re using an emoji in your subject line, make sure to keep the entire subject line brief.
  • Be expressive and creative. Emojis can covey ideas quickly and instantly, and some of the most creative subject lines use emojis in new ways. Don’t limit yourself to using an emoji in place of a word, although that can be a great space-saving technique. You can also cook up equations, conjure scenes and tell a story with well-placed emojis.
  • Be aware of some double meanings.
  • When in doubt, keep it simple.
  • Run split tests to determine how your audience responds to emoji use.

Emoji Don’ts

While emojis are effective in a variety of email marketing situations, sometimes they just don’t work. Here are some things to avoid with your use of emojis.

  • Don’t use emojis when the tone is serious or needs to be straightforward. A serious email to your investors, for example, likely isn’t the best place for emojis.
  • Don’t go overboard. While being creative is a good thing, too many emojis in one subject line can look amateurish or just silly.
  • Don’t use emojis if you know that most of your customers are on older email clients. Gmail renders emojis well, as does Apple Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Mail and Android Mail. However, older versions of Outlook (2003 and earlier) as well as older Windows and Mac operating systems may struggle.

How to Use Emojis

Once you’re ready to use emojis in your ClickDimensions emails, your next question may be how to do it. While ClickDimensions doesn’t have a native emoji keyboard like your smartphone might, you can simply copy and paste emojis from my favorite resource, Emojipedia. This site has a great breakdown of emojis by developer (Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc.) as well as limitations for each. Some other resources include Copypastecharcater.com, Megaemoji.com or Fsymbols.

Just copy and paste your emoji into the email send subject line or body.

Then, make sure you test across multiple devices.

Note: Inbox preview will only render the content in the body of your email. To test a subject line, leverage the Test button functionality on the email send record, instead of using inbox preview. However, if you’re using emojis in the body of your email, inbox preview is a great resource for seeing how those emoji will render across different clients, platforms and devices.

To change your emoji, simply delete the one from your email send and copy-paste a new one of your choosing.

Happy Marketing!

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