With social media being such an essential part of marketing today, marketers are looking to make the social posting and tracking process quick and easy while also making it an integrated part of overall marketing efforts. ClickDimensions has a solution! With our social posting feature, you can create and share content on social media directly from within your Dynamics 365 environment, then track engagement with your posts back to your contacts and leads.

Interactions with your social posts will show up in your environment as social clicks. With social click records, ClickDimensions tracks clicks on any links shared in your posts and stores information about your followers’ interactions. The process utilizes the same technology we use to track clicks on your emails.

Whether the links take your social media followers to your tracked website or to other places on the web, we record information about these interactions like:

  • The date and time of the click
  • Which social post they clicked
  • The social network the post is hosted on
  • Which of your social profiles they were following
  • The CRM campaign to which you associated the social post (when applicable)

Additionally, because clicking on one of your social posts generates a visit record in your CRM, the social click record can use the visit’s identification process to let you know if the click was performed by one of your existing contacts or leads or if it was performed by an anonymous visitor.

We store the social clicks in your CRM and associate them to your social post. You can get a quick look at the social clicks for one of your active social posts with the convenient sub-grid directly on your social post record.

You can also take a closer look at all the clicks you’ve received as a related record for the social post.

Finally, if your social clicks are associated to contacts, leads or an anonymous visitor, you can view all the interactions that individual has made with your social posts by viewing the social clicks in their respective related records. For example, if you wanted to see all of a contact’s social clicks, you would find them under Marketing > Contacts > their specific Contact record > Social Clicks.

Now that you’re capturing these social clicks, you can then use your following’s interactions with your social posts to improve your marketing. You could identify which posts are receiving the most attention and tailor future content to match that style. You could use these social clicks to determine which contacts and leads are showing interest in your brand’s message, but aren’t taking the next step to convert through a form submission or event registration. You can even use this data to begin a lead nurturing process for prospective customers that arrive from your social posts. There is a world of possibilities!

Happy Marketing!