Previously in this series of blog posts, we’ve written about how to understand the “Deliveries” and “Opens” statistics on Email Sends.We continue our series on email statistics today with a look at “Clicks”. (For full definitions of how all the email statistics are calculated, see this article on our help site.)

What is a “Click”?

A click is recorded when a recipient clicks on a link in an email you’ve sent them through ClickDimensions. Looking at your click stats, the click rate – or “click-through rate” – tells you how many people are engaging with your email’s content. More than deliveries and opens, clicks can tell a marketer how well his or her message is resonating with the audience.

There are two ways of looking at the Click statistics: Total Clicks and Unique Clicks.

  • Unique Clicks: How many individual recipients clicked on different links in your email. If a recipient clicks one link 1 time, and another link 2 times, there will be two unique clicks recorded.
  • Total Clicks: The total number of times all links were clicked. If a recipient clicks the same link 14 times, 14 clicks are counted.


How are Clicks recorded?

When you send an email through ClickDimensions, our service looks through the email’s HTML and converts any links it finds into trackable links. For example, in the email below, the template had a link to When the email was sent through our system, we converted it to a much longer link. Now, when the recipient clicks the link, their browser will actually first go to before being rapidly redirected to the website the marketer put in the email.



You can also see a few other things in this trackable link. There’s a contact ID that lets us tie the click back to the contact in CRM so we know who clicked the link. You can track clicks to websites that are not under your control, so even if the website doesn’t have the ClickDimensions tracking script on it, you can still see the “Click” and who did it. But if the link goes back to a website that has the ClickDimensions tracking script on it, then that page view will also be recorded. There’s a parameter that is passed on to the final destination (the part that starts with _cldee towards the end of the link) that enables our tracking script to correlate the page view with the recipient’s CRM contact record too.

When ClickDimensions records a click on a link in an email, we log that in your CRM as an “Email Event”, with the type set to “Click”:

Did you know?

Did you know you can change how that long link in the screenshot above appears? You can set up ClickDimensions so that the trackable links are branded. Instead of starting with, you can have them start with or something similar. To do this, you’ll need to make some changes on your domain’s DNS as explained in our CNAME setup guide.