Upgrading your CRM can be a bit of an ordeal. If you’re on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 now, you (or someone in your organization) may have been putting off the upgrade for several reasons, or maybe they don’t feel like there are enough beneficial reasons to make the upgrade. Let’s start with one great reason to make that upgrade: ClickDimensions is always updating and improving features and adding new ones – many of which aren’t available for CRM 2011. Even if you’re in the middle of upgrading your CRM to a new version like Dynamics 365 or you’re simply updating your ClickDimensions solution (whether setting up automatic updates or performing them manually) from an older version and you know about the new bells and whistles, I’m here to help fill you in— think of this as a ClickDimensions update supercut.

Over the years, Microsoft has made and released newer CRM versions to take care of organizations’ evolving business needs, and ClickDimensions has been staying in stride with updates of our own. With all these newer versions of CRM, Microsoft was able to give CRM 2011 some well-deserved rest, and so did we. And though there are still some cloud and service updates, if you’re still using ClickDimensions on CRM 2011, you don’t get everything, like new entities, incredible additions to features like campaign automation, and even the ability to participate in every stage of our new feature beta programs, like our drag and drop 2.0 editor (the beta hasn’t ended yet, so there’s still time to try it out if you update your CRM soon, of course) and so much more.

Prior to May 2018, the latest ClickDimensions version available to CRM 2011 environments was 8.2.1 from 2016. But with GDPR going into effect, we released version 9.2 for CRM 2013+ environments and version 8.2.3 for CRM 2011 environments, which gives all users GDPR-enhanced features. Now, keep in mind if you’re a CRM 2011 user, even if you update to version 8.2.3, you still won’t have many of the newest solution-only updates we released for the newer versions.

So, what are CRM 2011 users missing out on? I have put together a list of the major new features and updates from ClickDimensions version 8.3 all the way to 9.0, the current range of these new features unavailable for CRM 2011. These are separated into two categories as well: solution and cloud. For clarity, with the solution updates, it does require updating your installed version of ClickDimensions to (or beyond) the corresponding update numbers. The cloud updates are automatic and pushed to CRM 2013+ environments automatically regardless which version of ClickDimensions you have—the list is a little shorter for these, but still worth mentioning.

Note: For the majority of these, you only need CRM 2013 to get, but there are a few that are specific to CRM 2016 or Dynamics 365.

Improvements for CRM 2013+ via Solution Updates

Version 8.3.0 – Release Notes

1. Email Send: To make the email send creation process even easier, we moved the Email Template field to the top of the form since this field auto populates other fields if it’s filled.

2. Event: To stay up to date with these event connectors, we added Organizer Name and Organizer Description fields to the Eventbrite and Cvent sections of the event record. Then, to make seeing canceled events more seamless (since, though unfortunate, inevitably sometimes an event has to be canceled), we also created a new view for canceled events.

3. Import Log: To expand the range of importable gathered information, we have added additional columns in the import document used with our ClickDimensions import tool. To further organize results, we also created an import log within the ClickDimensions import entity that now shows the record for each contact or lead you imported or tried to import.

Version 8.5 – Release Notes

1. Campaign Automation: The Registered for Event trigger has now been added to the campaign automation builder. As event participation records come into CRM, if the Registration Status = Registered, this will be triggered to allow you to automate communication to your registrants. You can also use the decision node afterwards to direct people down different paths dependent on their event participation record.

NOTE: A customization change was made to add an N:N relationship between events and campaign automations, therefore the solution update is required to use this trigger.

With the Registered for Event trigger in place, now you can use the Attended Event trigger to market to those who attended your event. If the event participation record has a Registration Status of Attended, it will trigger this. There is a decision node option as well, so you can choose different options based on values in the event participation record. Read the help article.

NOTE: A customization change was made to add an N:N relationship between events and campaign automations, therefore the solution update is required to use this trigger.

2. Profile Management: As marketing lists can grow to be significantly vast, syncing data for profile management can take time, sometimes long enough to not show immediately—with that in mind, we introduced a new entity called profile management data sync. Now you can use the data sync to push the correct information for your intended recipients ahead of time. In doing so, the information is ready to go on your linked forms for each of your recipients on the marketing lists in your email sends, even if the recipient count numbers in the thousands.

3. Anonymous Visitor: For better reporting and tracking, when an anonymous visitor is converted to a lead or contact, it will now be connected to that lead/contact as a related record. Just go to the related entities on a lead/contact and choose anonymous visitors to see all the instances of that person.

NOTE: A customization change was made to add an 1:N relationship between contacts and anonymous visitors as well as between leads and anonymous visitors, therefore the solution update is required.

Version 8.6 – Release Notes

1. Campaign Automation: Use the Removed from List trigger to automatically run participants through a campaign automation if they have been removed from a particular static marketing list. Automatically notify your team, run a CRM workflow and more to make sure participants don’t fall through the cracks.

NOTE: A customization change was made in 8.6.1 that supports this trigger, therefore the solution update is required.

2. Posted Surveys & Visits: To further deepen survey reporting, when a posted survey is submitted, it is now also linked to the web visit record in CRM.

NOTE: A customization change was made to add an 1:N relationship between visits and posted surveys, therefore the solution update is required.

Version 8.7 – Release Notes

1. Campaign Automation: We wanted to enhance campaign automation views to include even more detailed column information. Now you will be able to see the status, the number of completed instances, and the CRM campaign each of your automations are associated with.

2. Email Sends: The error view has been updated to include the following status reasons: Error, Error Recovery and Recovery Stopped. This will help you keep better track of your email sends that do not progress. Simply click the drop-down for views in email sends and select Error to see a list of any email sends you have that bear any of those error reasons. Then you will see the specific error within the email send.

Version 8.8 – Release Notes

1. Social Posting: Now post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ from inside your Dynamics environment! Just update to the new ClickDimensions solution file, set up a social CNAME and connect to your social profiles. Also see special page view records for any clicks on links within the post. We will be continuing to improve and add to this feature, so stay tuned for more updates! Read more.

2. Email Send: The form for the email send entity has been rearranged to increase your efficiency. All the fields are still there, in fact there are more fields now. The form will also change once the email is sent so that you see the statistics at the top. The look of the graphical statistics window as has also been updated. The social statistics graphs have been moved to the Email Statistics button at the top of the email send– it’s a big improvement to the process of creating, sending and analyzing an email!

Version 8.9 – Release Notes

1. Bulk Text Messages: One less step: If you press Send on a bulk text message, it will save all the Dynamics fields automatically. It works the same for individual SMS messages too.

2. Email Send: The status formally known as Outbox has been switched to Scheduled for more clarity. Next, we know that it’s easier to follow along with where your email is in the process, so, we added a pending view to the list of views on the email send. This shows all email sends that are pending, in progress or throttled.

Then, we updated the split test fields. They’re now labeled with B so that it’s much easier to select different fields for the different sends in advanced finds, such as selecting the subject field for B.

Lastly, to make tracking conversions even simpler in your email sends, we added a Web Visits Generated field that will show the total number of visits that were generated from the email. This is done with a roll up type field which automatically counts all visits associated to the email send. See it in action here. Note:
This is for CRM 2016+ only.

3. Dynamics 365: We created an “app” in Dynamics 365 so that you can see all ClickDimensions items in one place. Read more. And there is now a separate ClickDimensions solution file for Dynamics 365 environments.

4. Email Templates: We added a new view called Quick Send Email Templates, which shows only the email templates that are marked for quick send to make organizing this easier. Quick sends are an easy fast way to send an email template to one contact, lead or a contact/lead via an opportunity record.

Version 8.10 – Release Notes

1. Unblock Email Address: Unblock email addresses that have been blocked because of too many bounces right in CRM. On the excluded email records, if the reason for the exclusion is Blocked, you can unblock this email address so that the next time you send an email to the address, it will try to send to this person again. Note: You should only unblock email addresses you know to be working properly.

2. Email Templates: To see all emails that have used a particular email template, there is now a sub-grid of email sends on the bottom of email template records.

3. IP Organization: To have a view of how many people belonging to an organization have been identified as contacts or leads in CRM, we have updated the anonymous visitors sub-grid that shows up on the IP organization record to show all active and inactive anonymous visitors. Read more here.

4. Posted Form/Posted Field: The relationship between posted forms and posted fields has been changed to parental. This means that if a posted form is deleted, all its child posted fields will also automatically be deleted. This makes cleaning up a form easier.

Version 8.12 – Release Notes

1. Email Send: If it is a scheduled email send, it kicks off a workflow called ClickDimensions execute send. If this workflow is not activated, the email does not send. We are now automatically checking to make sure this workflow is activated once you press Send, and letting you know if it is not.

2. Email Template: We now save the email template automatically when you click the Email Editor button.

3. Security: The error regarding not having proper security privileges will now show you exactly which privileges you are missing. This means no more guessing which permissions you will need to go forward—you will have the specifics!

Version 8.13 – Release Notes

Drag and Drop Email Editor 2.0: We released our new drag and drop 2.0 email editor in beta mode—during the beta period, we have been deploying new additions to the editor with our regular updates. The new editor offers greater layout flexibility, increased styling options and improved mobile responsiveness. Read more here. Note: In following updates there were more features/additions added to the beta version; at this moment, Drag and Drop 2.0 is still in beta, so you still have time to participate if you’re on CRM 2013+!

Version 9.0 – Release Notes

1. Dynamics CRM 9.0 Support: ClickDimensions is now fully supported on Dynamics 9.0. When you upgrade to 9.0, please let our support team know by submitting a support ticket so we can update your account.

2. Social: An entity called social clicks has been added to track the clicks on social posts. The clicks are associated to the specific social post record that generated the click. Information about when the click happened and the location of the user is detailed in the social click record. Read more.

3. Web Content: For your convenience, we added Form Report and Survey Report buttons to allow easy access to those reports directly from the web content records themselves. It’s a quicker and easier way to get the big picture stats from your forms and surveys, in addition to their existing residence on posted form and posted survey records.

4. Form Capture: We have made it much easier to have your Gravity Forms flow into Dynamics with ClickDimensions form capture records. Just map the field and form IDs and add the code snippet to your WordPress page. Read More.

Improvements for CRM 2013+ Via Cloud Updates

Version 8.5 – Release Notes

1. Web Content: There are new views in the web content area; a view for each of the different types of web content. Now you can easily just see a view of all your forms, just all surveys, just all subscriptions or just all landing pages.

2. Campaign Automation: Use the new Removed from List trigger to automatically run participants through a campaign automation if they have been removed from a particular static marketing list. Automatically notify your team, run a CRM workflow and more to make sure your leads and contacts don’t fall through the cracks.

Version 8.6 – Release Notes

Campaign Automation: Attended Event Trigger: The Attended Event trigger now has a negative path option for an inner point trigger. If a participant of a campaign automation did not attend your event, send them down a separate path from those who did attend the event.

Version 8.7 – Release Notes

Surveys and Email Sends: If there is a direct link to a survey in an email, you will now be able to see how many were submitted because of that email. All of those posted survey records will be associated to the email send record and you will be able to see the overall numbers in the email statistics window on the Conversions tab!

Happy Marketing!