With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recently taking effect, subscription management and preferences are on the minds of marketers now more than ever. One related scenario that we frequently find our customers pondering is tracking the most recent preference for a contact or lead’s subscription lists. Some customers want to run an advanced find, report on this data or have a dynamic marketing list pull these contacts/leads together. The good news? A recent update to ClickDimensions allows you to switch to opt-in subscription management and map form fields (radio or checkbox) to update subscription lists as well as a corresponding field on the contact or lead record. So, you can visibly show the most recent subscription options that a contact or lead has submitted on a ClickDimensions form.

Below, I will walk you through the steps to get this set up. We will be using the following form as our example of mapping either checkbox or radio form fields to both the subscription list and the contact or lead record.

Getting Started

For the scenario we’re discussing—mapping a form field to a subscription list and contact/lead field—you will need your subscription lists and contact/lead fields set up.

In the above form, you can see that I have four subscription lists that I’m mapping to: Events, Monthly Newsletter, Special Offers and Third-Party Emails. The Third-Party Emails list is separate on the form from the other lists, simply to visually show how a radio form field works here.

Also, make sure you have the corresponding fields on the contact/lead record ready. You can see in the image below that the contact record is using some custom fields to store the data from the form. If your form is going to be used by both lead and contacts, then be sure that you have your fields set up on both entities.

We’re going to look at the mapping setup next, starting with subscription lists. You can map subscription lists and contact/lead fields at the same time, but just to illustrate what’s involved with each type of mapping, we will look at them separately at first.

Subscription List Mapping

Mapping to a subscription list is the same for radio and checkbox fields, so we will look at just one example using my Events field, which is a checkbox field.

  1. Subscription List: This is where you will select which subscription list to map the posted preferences to.
  2. Preference: Select a corresponding Preference value for both True and False. Preferences can have a value of In, Out or No Preference.

Form Field Mapping

Now we are going to look at mapping to the contact/lead record via a checkbox or radio field. Both fields are similar in mapping so we will use the radio field as our example below.

1. Override in CRM: Checking this field ensures that the contact/lead field is accurately updated from the form submission. One thing to keep in mind is that checkbox fields only have two options—checked or unchecked. So, a contact’s unchecked field is going to have a value of unchecked by default. If the contact submits the form with the field checked but their record currently has the field unchecked, and we don’t have Override in CRM selected here, then their record won’t be updated to show the form submission’s checked value. Radio fields that are left blank on the form when submitted will not send a value back to the contact record. However, if you’re trying to track the most recent submission for a subscription list as we are, it’s best to set the field to Override in CRM.

2. Contact Picklist Map: Picklist mapping is used for two option and list fields, so you will need to select your corresponding two-option field from this list. That allows the submitted value to map back to the correct field on the contact record. It also displays the values that can be mapped back to the field—True and False for this field.

3. Contact Picklist Value: The True and False values should have the corresponding contact/lead value selected. In this example, we’re mapping True to Yes and False to No for the Events field on the contact record.

If you need to update the Lead field instead of or in addition to, then you would just select the appropriate field from the Lead Picklist Map drop-down and map its values as shown above.

Putting it All Together

If you want to do all the steps above together, you can. That would be more efficient and look something like this:

Form Submission Results

Now when a contact submits our form, we will be able to see their posted preferences as well as their contact record updated.

If a contact submits this form:

We can see the posted preferences in the contact’s related menu.

And because we also mapped our form fields, we will see the associated contact fields updated as well.

Now you’re ready to collect your contact/lead’s subscription list preferences and view/query them as needed.

Happy Marketing!