ImportDid you know that you can use the ClickDimensions import tool to track in-person events in CRM? In this post, we’ll be using the ClickDimensions import tool to upload in-person registrants as event participation records in CRM.

Let’s say your company is at a trade show, and your booth has a physical sign-up list of names and email addresses. You also want to integrate them into your CRM so you can keep a record of everyone that visited your booth. The ClickDimensions import tool allows you to easily import this information with just a few clicks.

Before importing the list into CRM, create an event record for this event under Marketing > Events. Those of you that are using the event connectors may already be familiar with event records. Note that since this event is manually created and is not associated with GoToWebinar, WebEx, or Eventbrite, fields will not be auto-populated or synced with any data.

(Manually created Event under Marketing > Events)

Once you’ve created and saved the Event record, you can upload the names and email addresses using the Import tool.

(Sample names and email addresses uploaded with the Import Wizard)

Make sure to check “Create Event Participation Records” in the import wizard and use the lookup field to find your event.

Once your import is complete, you can see the event participation records under Marketing > Event Participations or open the event record and use the chevron (related records) menu and navigate to Event Participations.

Happy Marketing!