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Using ClickDimensions and Microsoft CRM workflow to create a nurture (drip) program

Because it is extremely easy to send ClickDimensions emails from Microsoft CRM workflow, you can quickly build nurture/drip programs using the Microsoft CRM workflow engine. To do this you will follow three steps:

  1. Determine what will trigger the workflow. In our example, we created a picklist field (titled 'Nurture Track') on the CRM Contact records so that, when it is set to a certain value, it will add the Contact to the nurture track corresponding to that value. So, for example, if your organization offers products A, B and C these could each be values on a Contact picklist that would put the Contact into one of three different nurture programs
  2. Create the email content you want to send at each step in the program. In our example, we created three ClickDimensions email templates to send as part of our example nurture track
  3. Build the workflow to automate the nurture/drip. In our example, we created a Contact workflow that will send an email immediately when the Contact is added to the nurture track (i.e. when his/her Nurture Track field is set to place them in a nurture program).

We've documented the creation of this nurture program in a training video. Click here to watch the video.

Below is a screen shot of the field we added to our Contact records to trigger the workflow. Setting this picklist to 'Nurture Track A' kicks off a workflow process for Track A.

Below is the workflow that sends three emails to the Contact. The first email is sent immediately upon changing the Contact's Nurture Track field. The second email is sent 7 days later and the third email is sent 30 days after the first email is sent (i.e. 30 days after the workflow initially fired).

Creating the workflow takes only a few minutes. Watch the video to see how you can do this.

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