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Using Dynamics 365 Lookup Fields and Workflows to Send Introductory Emails

In a previous blog post, I explained how to use the ClickDimensions new drag and drop email editor to dynamically insert images using FreeMarker. One use case I outlined was introducing your staff to the contacts and leads they may be working with. For example, if your business assigns record owners based on projects, you could send an introductory email with the record owner’s headshot and contact information to each contact or lead that was assigned to that representative. This dynamic template is also great option if you plan on creating a campaign automation to welcome new customers or kick off new projects.

In the following post, I will work this use case from another angle. Instead of using FreeMarker syntax to dynamically pull in the information from the record owner, you could automate the process and send an introductory email by using a custom lookup field and a Dynamics 365 workflow.

In this scenario, instead of one email template with dynamic personalization, you will need a separate email template for each of your representatives. Then, you will need to add a custom lookup field for the email template on the user record.

The lookup field will be configured like this:

Once you have your email templates designed, configured and added to the user records via the lookup field, you can create a custom CRM workflow that sends out the introductory message via the Send ClickDimensions Email step. I have my workflow running on the contact entity, but you could replicate this process for leads as needed. In this example, I have the workflow kicking off automatically any time a new contact record is created. I also have an Add to Marketing List step—keep that in mind, as I will come back to it in a moment.

When you click into Set Properties, you will be able to dynamically select which email template should go out. In the right sidebar, you will see the available dynamic values. Change the view to look for fields on the owning user record. You should be able to add the Email Template value to the required Email Template field. Also, be sure to set your recipient!

Note: In this scenario, the representative being introduced must also own the contact record in order for the contact to get the correct introductory email.

Once this workflow is activated, any new contacts will receive an introductory email dynamically based on the user they are assigned to.

One benefit of this method is you can do additional things with this workflow, such as add the newly created contact to a marketing list, as I mentioned earlier. Maybe this marketing list is tied to a specific campaign, or maybe it kicks off a campaign automation. The possibilities are endless!

Happy Marketing!

About the Author:

Emily Clever is a ClickDimensions Product Consultant.

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