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Verifying Email Addresses for Survey Rewards

A ClickDimensions customer recently reached out to us, looking for a way to verify the emails of individuals who had completed her organization's survey. The survey rewards individuals for submitting feedback on the organizations' service, so she wanted to be sure that the reward was being sent to a legitimate email address that they could capture in CRM.

For those in a similar situation, I have created a verification process using a few different ClickDimensions tools.

Step 1: Create a landing page with access to your reward.

For this to work properly, your reward needs to be somewhat isolated from your other webpages. It needs to have only one access point (in this case, the survey) so that only a particular group of individuals, such as verified survey submitters, are allowed to visit this page. You can use the ClickDimensions landing page designer to quickly and easily create a rewards page like I've done in the image above.

Step 2: Create a survey with confirmation text.

Next, you will want to create confirmation text (like the image above) that will display when a survey is submitted, notifying the respondent that an email has been sent to the email address they provided, so they can be on the lookout for it. If they have submitted a fake email address for some reason, it's at this point that they will understand that they will be unable to receive the reward.

Step 3: Create an auto responder email for your survey.

The auto responder email is the "verification" of a legitimate email address because in order for someone to get access to your rewards page, the email has to reach their inbox. You will want the survey auto responder action to send a ClickDimensions email template that links to the rewards landing page that you created in the above step. This process can also be applied to forms, if necessary.

You can verify the visit to the rewards page in Page Views under Marketing in CRM.

Good luck capturing all those email addresses!

Written by Dante Porter, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager

About the Author:

Dante Porter is a Technical Support Specialist at ClickDimensions.

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