Timing is everything. That statement holds true for many things, including marketing campaigns. That’s why the ClickDimensions campaign automation builder offers two different options for controlling when a particular part of your campaign is executed, whether that’s an email, SMS message, an internal notification or other campaign component.

A Date Timer is used in campaign automations to tell the automation to wait until a specific date before continuing for the individual participant while a Wait Timer is used to tell the automation to wait a specific amount of time before continuing. Knowing when to use them is the key to get the results you want from your campaign automation.

Date Timer

Date timers are mostly used when you want the campaign automation to send a participant down a path on specific date. For example, if recipients are registering for an event, and you want to send a reminder email before and follow up email after the event.


Company A has an event on March 22, and they want to send a reminder email to the recipient a few days after they register with additional information. So, once they have registered, the participant encounters a Date Timer, then an email will be sent to them on March 20 to remind them that the event is coming. The Date Timer is used to pause the participant before sending them to the next step, ensuring they receive the email closer to the event and keeping it top of mind.

Next, you can set a second Date Timer to send a follow up email after the event, thanking the recipient for attending or expressing your regret that they couldn’t make it.

Wait Timer

Wait Timers are best used in campaign automations when you want to nurture participants over an extended period of time with evergreen content. For instance, you may periodically add people to your campaign automation through the quarter or year through a Manual Add trigger or Added to List trigger, once you qualify them.


Company B gradually feeds their leads into a campaign automation throughout the year. By using a series, it is possible to group together several emails. Since leads could get added to the automation throughout the year, it makes the most sense to send them another email every X number of days, instead of on a specific day. You can also set the series to end when a trigger is achieved, instead of when all the actions in the series are completed. That way, if someone clicks a link, they will no longer be sent the same follow up email. Instead, you could take a different action, like immediately notifying a sales rep.

Adding a series to the campaign automation is a great way to save space and make your campaign automation look a little cleaner too. Once you click inside the series, you can add the sequence of emails and divide them with Wait Timers to ensure the emails are sent to the recipient every three days until they click or open the email. If they do not click or open the email, they will be removed from the marketing list.

Happy Marketing!