Digital transformation has been a hot topic in recent years. And yet, for all the talk about it, the focus has been misplaced. “Transformation” implies that the evolution to digital is optional for businesses. What we should be talking about is a digital imperative. To compete, succeed and thrive today, the move to digital for businesses is not a choice; it is essential. And, due to the pandemic, the timeline for making that move has been greatly accelerated.

This drastic shift has had a tremendous impact on how marketers do their jobs and connect with customers. It has also increased the need to prove results and the return on marketing investments. However, while the pressure is on to adapt and achieve in this new all-digital world virtually overnight, the reality is that different organizations start in different places. Some are just embarking on their digital marketing journey while others already have a fully optimized digital customer experience.

For Microsoft Dynamics marketers, that’s where a marketing maturity framework comes in. In a recent webinar, we shared insights on:

  • The digital imperative
  • What is marketing maturity
  • Why marketing maturity matters
  • Understanding the levels of marketing maturity
  • Moving throughout the marketing maturity journey

If you missed the live webinar, make sure you don’t miss out on the recording! View it here.