This past Friday I wrapped up my first full week as the Chief Customer Officer at ClickDimensions. In my first several days I had the opportunity to meet several of our great customers, and to begin hearing how they are using ClickDimensions. I sat in on some of our training webinars and spoke with several customers and partners by phone and email.

Matt Wittemann, Chief Customer Officer, ClickDimensionsAs the Chief Customer Officer, I’m responsible for our customers’ experience with the ClickDimensions solution and team, so until we get a chance to speak personally, I’d like to kick off a conversation via this blog.

In order to kick off the conversation, I’d like to ask you to tell me what you think a Chief Customer Officer can and should be doing for you. I’ve pasted a few bullet points from my official job description below, and as you look at them, let me know of anything you think is missing, or anything you would change. I’d also like to hear how you’d gauge the success of a Chief Customer Officer from your perspective in six months, a year from now, and even further into the future.

This is an abbreviated list, but here are some of the key bullet points from the Chief Customer Officer job description:

Corporate Knowledge

  • Create a corporate knowledge solution that allows customers and partners to find whatever information they need easily and from one central place
  • Cater to different learning styles by providing a variety of media from videos to guides, etc.

Technical Support

  • Manage the technical support team
  • Provide great technical support with a friendly and helpful tone
  • Implement a solution to measure satisfaction of support delivery

Application Health and Usability

  • Monitor systems to ensure availability and meet SLAs
  • Provide feedback for product enhancements and user experience
  • Make it easy for customers and partners to maximize message deliverability

Marketing Success Management

  • Manage the marketing success team
  • Develop materials and learning events to help customers get the most out of the ClickDimensions experience and to help them elevate marketing effectiveness

Evangelism & Outreach

  • Assist with pre-sales demos and developing powerful demo scenarios
  • Blog, speak, and otherwise engage with the Microsoft CRM community to promote ClickDimensions and marketing automation on the CRM platform

If you’ve got anything to add, suggestions on how to measure the success I have in this role, or have a burning desire to get something else off your chest, please, leave a comment below, or email me directly at matt-at-clickdimensions-dot-com. Let me know if I can use your first name and share your comment in an update to this post.

Thanks so much! I'm excited to hear what you have to say!